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Your stories 22 November 2023

Kyren and her two sons, Lewis and James started their fundraising journey in 2015. Since then, they have completed multiple challenge events together, raising almost £15,000 for Cardiomyopathy UK. Kyren has shared their fundraising journey with us.


Where it all began

Lewis met Harry when he started school, and they quickly became best friends. Harry’s brother George was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) at a very young age due to genetic testing, as several family members had been diagnosed with the condition. In 2015, George underwent open heart surgery at the age of eight. I approached the charity for a London Marathon place and our fundraising began. I was new to training, running, and fundraising and I was overwhelmed by people's generosity.

A timeline showing when Kyren, Lewis and James completed their challenge event. In 2015, Kyren ran the London Marathon, in 2019, James ran the London Marathon, in 2022, Kyren, James and Lewis completed the London to Paris Cycle, in April 2023, Lewis ran the London Marathon, In May 2023, Kyren, James and Lewis completed Ride London, and in September 2023, Kyren, James and Lewis completed Swim Serpentine.
Joining #TeamCardio

In 2018, It was Lewis who decided to sign us up to cycle London to Paris Cycle 2020 after George’s Dad had done the event. I had completed the London Marathon, and we could complete the challenge as a family, so the three of us became part of #TeamCardio. James then decided he would also like to run the London Marathon.

James completed the London Marathon a month after his 18th birthday, a massive achievement for someone so young. So now the training began for the London to Paris Cycle. Unfortunately, the world was hit by Covid, and the ride was postponed until 2021.

Kyren, James and Lewis in front of the Eiffel Tower after completing the London to Paris Cycle

We completed the cycle in 2022; we had an amazing time together and met some amazing people. During the ride when I was both physically and emotionally exhausted, James managed to convince me it would be amazing to sign up for the two-mile open water ‘Swim Serpentine’, just eight weeks after the bike ride. At this point, I had not been near a swimming pool other than on holiday in two years and never swam in open water, but we love a challenge.

Whilst registering for the Swim Serpentine an advert for the Ride London 100 popped up and you guessed it, another adventure was sold to me, and we asked the charity again for three charity places.

Completing the London Classics

Lewis had never been a runner, but James and I had both completed the London Marathon and we were all signed up for the Ride London 100, so Lewis decided he would like to complete the London Marathon so we could complete the London Classics together (The London Classics is when someone completes the London Marathon, the Ride London 100, and the two-mile event at Swim Serpentine).

Lewis completed the London Marathon in April 2023, and we all completed the Ride London 100 in May. By September, James, Lewis, and I completed the London Classics which only 4500 other people have completed. Not many families get the chance to do this together, and Lewis is one of the youngest people to ever complete it.

Along the journey, the training, and the adventures, it has brought us together as a family and raised plenty of money for Cardiomyopathy UK. I have some amazing friends and family who have helped us to raise almost £15,000 since we started. We have had Ceilidh nights, race nights, ladies’ days, quiz nights, cake sales and bucket collections, always trying to raise awareness of cardiomyopathy.

Kyren, James and Lewis with their London Classics medals


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