Heart to Heart

We understand that sometimes you don't want to talk to a nurse or a benefits adviser; you want to talk to someone who has the condition and knows what it's like to live with cardiomyopathy. That's why our Heart to Heart network offers you 1-to-1 support with someone that knows what you are going through.

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What is heart to heart?

Heart to Heart is 1-to-1 emotional well-being support over the phone with one of the charity's trained volunteers - someone who has cardiomyopathy themself or supports someone who does. Our volunteers are there to share their experiences of living with cardiomyopathy, and to listen to any questions or concerns you might have about any aspect of living with the condition.

How do I access heart to heart?

Please click the button above to request Heart to Heart support. You will be asked to complete a short form to tell us a bit about you and the support you're looking for. A member of our team will then contact you to discuss matching you with one of our trained peer support volunteers. 

How can heart to heart help me?

Heart to Heart is there to help you talk through any aspect of living with your condition, including:

  • Being newly diagnosed
  • Wanting to maintain an active lifestyle
  • Discussing your condition with your family
  • Feelings of fear and anxiety when thinking about your future
  • Having a device fitted / undergoing surgery
Who will I be speaking to?

You will speak to a Cardiomyopathy UK Telephone Heart to Heart Support Volunteer. All our volunteers have been through an extensive application process and have completed and passed the charity's mandatory online training course.

Is heart to heart available to family members and carers?

Yes, Heart to Heart is available to anyone affected by cardiomyopathy - either directly or indirectly.

How can I become a heart to heart volunteer?

If you'd like to use your skills and experience to help others, you can apply to become a Heart to Heart volunteer. All of our Heart to Heart volunteers are given role-specific training so that they have the knowledge and confidence to support others over the phone. To apply, download an application form and return it to christie.jones@cardiomyopathy.org.

quotes from service users


Cardiomyopathy isn’t always easy to talk about, but a conversation can be a good starting point. My main aim is to be that person you can speak to that really understands what you’re going through and if I can help someone feel more optimistic and positive about life with the condition then that’s a bonus.