Why you should give regularly

My Life 25 February 2021

Sheila Nardone, our Head of Fundraising, explains why giving regularly to us as a charity is so important; especially for our current 'Change the World of Cardiomyopathy' urgent appeal.

Could you be one of our new regular givers to change to world of cardiomyopathy? 

"We really value every single donor who has rallied behind the charity at this difficult time and supported our appeal ‘Change the World of Cardiomyopathy'.

The money we are raising in this urgent appeal will help make up for some of the huge loss of income due to cancelled fundraising events this year. It will enable us to support the increased numbers of people seeking helping during the pandemic. You will help us to forge ahead with our work with clinicians improving the landscape for patients with cardiomyopathy as they access treatment in the coming months and years. 

Why should I give regularly?

We couldn't do what we do without our wonderful fundraisers and our fantastic donors. As we are an independent charity and we don’t get any government funding, we have to raise every single penny of our income ourselves.

The income we receive from regular donations makes a life-changing difference to thousands of people's lives each year. Giving regularly through direct debit is a great way of supporting people affected by cardiomyopathy and their loved ones. We rely on a steady income, so by giving on a monthly basis, you are helping us to plan further ahead. 

Your support means that our office team have more time to focus on helping those directly in need instead of campaigning for single gifts. Plus, you might find it more manageable to budget for a small monthly donation- rather than a larger single gift! 

Regular giving is a great way of supporting others affected and we are still looking for more new regular givers to sign up, so could you be one of them?  

Where your money goes

Giving £10 a month is the equivalent cost of helping someone to access all the information and support they need in the first few months after their diagnosis- a confusing, scary and isolating time.

Giving £25 a month could help fund our clinical education work to improve early diagnosis, treatment and care, so that the future can be better for so many people.     

Pledge your support today

Thank you so much for your support in whatever shape or form it comes. Everything you do to help is important to us and together we can make the difference."

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