Our five year strategy

Our five year strategy sets out our work and objectives from January 2024 to December 2028.

Over the next five years we want more people living with cardiomyopathy to receive the treatment and support they need to live a long and fulfilling life.

We want health and social care professionals to be better able to detect and treat cardiomyopathy and we want to continue shaping research that will improve the long-term future of cardiomyopathy care.

Our vision: Our vision is that everyone affected by cardiomyopathy should live a long and fulfilling life.  Our Mission: In pursuit of our vision, we raise awareness, provide support, improve care and treatment and shape research to provide hope for the future.
The change we want to make

"The whole Cardiomyopathy UK team are proud of what has been achieved so far but we know that it is not enough. We have more to do." - Rita Sutton, Chair of Trustees

Our strategic plan sets out our plans for the next five years and shows how our work will bring about the changes we believe are needed. It has been written for all the cardiomyopathy community and anyone who has an interest in our work. 

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