Confidentiality and complaints


Our friendly Nurse Specialists are available to provide confidential advice and your call to the Nurse Helpline is always confidential unless:

  • A caller has requested or consented to information being passed on
  • Helpline Advisors are concerned that there is a risk to the welfare or safety of a child or vulnerable adult
  • We have information about acts of terrorism.
  • Helpline Advisors are threatened or verbally attacked by callers.
  • A caller interferes with the delivery of our service.
  • Calls are monitored occasionally for quality or training purpose.

For more information, please download the full Helpline Confidentiality Statement



Cardiomyopathy UK is committed to providing non-discriminatory services. We take all complaints seriously and ensure that they are promptly investigated at an appropriate level. We’re committed, whenever possible, to take action to reduce the likelihood of similar problems reoccurring.

For more information, please download our full Complaints Policy