Jamie's story

View from stage at concert

In 2010 at the age of 20, Jamie was diagnosed with myocarditis – an infection of the heart muscle.

Prior to his diagnosis he had been suffering with tonsillitis for which he had been prescribed antibiotics. In the middle of the night he woke up with crushing chest pains. He visited an emergency walk-in clinic where he was told it was likely a reaction to the penicillin he’d been taking for the tonsillitis.

He was sent to Milton Keynes Hospital where he underwent tests and it quickly became apparent it was an issue with his heart. He was in hospital for three weeks. For Jamie, who was otherwise a young, fit and healthy young man, his diagnosis came completely out of the blue. He’d always been sporty growing up – and, to his knowledge, heart problems do not run in his family.

Six months later Jamie suffered a second acute episode, again there were no obvious symptoms prior. As a musician, the diagnosis and ongoing episodes had a significant effect on Jamie’s life. He was forced to stop touring and cancel his hosting gigs at festivals. Fortunately, Jamie made a full recovery, supported by Cardiomyopathy UK along with the Alexander Janson Fund and the Royal Brompton Hospital which has a specialist team dedicated to myocarditis.

Determined to recover fully, Jamie went on a health kick, exercising and eating well. However, he had a third acute episode in 2015 which started with a heavy ache in his chest. Many people with the condition struggle to differentiate between an ‘episode’ and a full-blown acute episode – Jamie is no exception. This has meant many trips to hospital over the years and a much longer recovery time after the third. In 2016 Jamie co-founded an independent music venue and recording studio, Unit Nine, which supports people going through challenging circumstances. He is also getting back into his music and hoping to perform again in the near future.