Young People

If you or a family member has been affected by cardiomyopathy, you aren't alone. You may have questions or concerns about managing your condition. 

Questions you may have
  • Can I still go to college/university? 

  • Can I do the things I normally do with my friends? 

  • How do I tell people? 

  • Can I still have a normal relationship? 

  • Will I still be able to have the job/career I want to? 

  • Can I still play sports? 

  • Am I going to miss out on things? 

  • Aren't heart conditions for older people? 

You may have questions about these topics but are unsure who to ask. Join our 14-25 facebook group for young people, where our Nurses can help. 

Our Youth Panel

Our panel all have experience of cardiomyopathy: having the condition themselves or having a family member or friend with the condition. 

We meet regularly to discuss how to improve services for young people affected by cardiomyopathy and myocarditis. We get involved with campaigns, social media and advising on resources.

Meet the panel members

Support for you

Citizens advice
Information about your rights as a young person, including personal records and discrimination.

Over The Wall
Runs free residential activity camps for young people with serious health conditions. Camps include recreational and educational activities to help build confidence, develop coping strategies and encourage peer support.

Self-management UK
Self-management courses for people with long-term conditions, including a course for young people and one for young carers.

Young minds
A UK charity for the wellbeing and mental health of young people. Provides information and support.

The Government, the NHS and your rights

British Youth Council 
Empowering young people to have their say about things that involve them, such as communities and democracy.

Get your rights
Information about NHS services, the NHS constitution, and your rights about making decisions about your healthcare.

GOV website
Information from the Government on everything from work and benefits to education and housing, as well as Government services.

NHS England
Find out about NHS England's plans to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in England. 

Help for young carers

NHS Choices
Has information about being a young carer, rights and support.

Young carers from The Carers Trust
Provides information and advice on getting support for young people and young adult carers.