Travel insurance

Travel insurance is important for anyone travelling abroad or away from home with a pre-existing medical condition. We recommend that you contact companies directly to compare the cost and level of cover. It is important to check what is included in the cover, and what is excluded. You may wish to discuss your travel plans with your cardiologist so you can plan in advance, and find the holiday that is right for you.

Applying for insurance

When describing your condition to insurance companies, you may find that different words are used to explain your condition. For example: typing in ‘cardiomyopathy’ into some insurance websites will give you a list of types of cardiomyopathy. Some describe the effect on the heart, and some describe the cause of the condition. Ask your cardiologist what they suggest or contact the insurance company directly. 

Get a 'to whom it may concern letter'

Cardiomyopathy is a condition that not many people know about, and it can be difficult to explain it. You may like to ask your GP, nurse or cardiologist to write a letter explaining your condition, your symptoms and your current medication. You can then carry this with you in case you need to explain your condition. 

It is worth contacting several companies to compare the cost and level of cover. Companies will ask for details of any medical conditions, and giving as much information as you can helps to find cover that meets your needs. It is important to check what is included in the cover, and what is excluded. Quotes may be high because they are calculated on the likelihood of you needing to make a claim. Some companies exclude claims relating to pre-existing medical conditions, and some may cover them at an additional cost

Travel insurance companies

Below are links and phone numbers for companies and brokers that people with cardiomyopathy have told us about when they have had a good insurance quotes and cover. Some are specialist providers for people who have difficulty getting insurance due to a medical condition. We do not endorse these companies. All links below open in a new window.

AllClear Travel Insurance

0808 2 819134

Columbus Direct

Direct Travel Insurance
0330 880 3600

Fish Insurance
0333 331 3770

01223 446 914

Free Spirit

02392 419080

Insure and Go

0800 198 0198

JD Travel Insurance Consultants
0344 247 4749

Medical Travel Compared


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