Change Maker

After 20 years of coping with significant arrhythmia and having had several cardiac ablation procedures, Pippa understands the challenges of living with a chronic heart condition and how difficult it can be to get a definitive diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Pippa was diagnosed with ARVC in 2019, when she found Cardiomyopathy UK to be an invaluable support to herself and her children. Pippa’s diagnosis has recently changed, however, her passion to support the cardiomyopathy community has remained unchanged.

Pippa’s previous career experience, working in education as a Headteacher of several schools, Trust Development Manager and as a School Improvement Partner, has led her to develop a particular expertise in strategic change management. She now enjoys coaching and training others to effect positive change in their lives and she is particularly interested in how our Change Makers can work in partnership with other stakeholders to improve patient wellbeing and mental health.