Alison Fielding

Vice President (Patient focus)

I became a Change Maker when I stepped down as Chair of Cardiomyopathy UK so I could continue to make a difference to people with cardiomyopathy. I use my lived experience of cardiomyopathy and cancer to advocate for others.  

I am the patient and public representative on the South East Cardiac Improvement Programme Board and chair the patient and public group of the South East Genomic Medicine Service Alliance. Membership of these committees has enabled me to give the patient voice on a range of health issues. It has been rewarding work.  

Personally, volunteering has been important for my self-esteem. It gives my life value and allows me to use the skills developed during my working life.  

I would like to see shorter waiting times for diagnosis and monitoring as well as more trained staff working with people affected by cardiomyopathy.  

I’d like to encourage more people to be Change Makers. I think it’s important to hear about fresh experiences (such as people who have been newly diagnosed).  

For someone thinking of becoming a Change Maker I’d say there are lots of ways to get involved. If you see an opportunity, go for it. You could be the right person for that role.