30 Day Home Challenge

Fundraising stories 21 February 2021
Last week saw the launch of our 30 Day Home Challenge, and as most people are now based at home, we thought we would share how the Cardiomyopathy UK team have been getting involved. Read below to hear what they've been up to! 

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Head of Fundraising Sheila Nardone's Just Giving Page

"I have now completed my first week of daily exercise, relaxation techniques and healthy eating. 

It's been helpful having something positive to focus on each day as I adapted to the new normal of being home based. Going for daily walks with my 14 year old son has enabled us to spend precious time together, improving our mental as well as our physical health. 

Each week I'm going to try out a different relaxation app - this week it is Calm, where I particularly like doing 10 minutes of deep breathing. When I get hungry between meals, I'm really enjoying snacking on a variety of fruit including banana, raisin, grapes, satsuma, orange, pear, peach and kiwi!"

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Challenge Fundraiser Jaye's Just Giving Page

"I am now five days into my 30 Day Home Challenge and I am really enjoying finding new recipes to make using the ingredients that are already in my cupboard and fridge. Sharing these has been a really positive experience so far.

 The best part about my challenge is that I have been able to avoid going to the shops for five days now. My family were worried about running out of essentials like milk and bread, however my challenge has already given me the confidence to make oat milk and bread dough. This has really helped in allowing us to continue with our social distancing as much as possible.

With 25 more recipes to go, I am looking forward to getting experimental and creative in the kitchen. I have already raised a third of my target so far, and I’m hoping to continue to inspire even more people with my recipes!"

Digital Media and Communications Officer Jo's Just Giving Page

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"I have now completed my first week of my 30 Day Home Challenge. I have really enjoyed getting back into my hobby again, which is certainly providing me with something constructive to do during this difficult time. 

I've already produced paintings that i'm really pleased with, and I can't wait to see my 30 finished drawings at the end. I think it would be fair to say sometimes I can be my own worst critic, so it has been challenging in more than one way so far!

I hope this experience will give me more confidence afterwards to keep going with half finished projects, as well as trying new techniques. Any suggestions for animals I can draw are always welcomed!"

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