Libby Jarman


Libby started her career working in music publishing but made the decision in 2005 to re-train as a Physiotherapist. As a Physio, she has worked in both the NHS and the private sector, holding a mixture of both clinical and management roles. In 2016 Libby started working as a research physiotherapist working specifically in the field of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She successfully gained National Institute of Health Research funding to carry out a Masters in Clinical and Health Research where she was able to carry out her own research into patient experience of diagnosis in progressive MS.

Libby has a sister with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. After suffering an out of hospital cardiac arrest, her sister was successfully resuscitated and now has an ICD in situ. This experience highlighted for Libby how profound an impact a condition like cardiomyopathy can have – not only on the person with the condition, but for those closest to them.

With a view to using this experience for good, Libby volunteered as one of Cardiomyopathy UK's Change Makers, working to affect positive change for all people living with cardiomyopathy. She is particularly passionate about developing qualitative research projects that provide robust evidence into patient perspectives, as well as the importance of translating that evidence into real opportunity for patient-centred improvement of both services and support for people with cardiomyopathy and their families.