Change Maker

In 2009 Lynn had to give up the demanding work she loved due to the impact of a severe virus, subsequently diagnosed as DCM.  Support from Cardiomyopathy UK proved a life saver for her and her family and resulted in her throwing herself into helping others with the condition and helping the charity in its work.  A particular interest at this point was in the education of medics in diagnosis and understanding of this then lesser known condition.  Since then she has worked tirelessly with a number of groups, initiatives and universities to try to help improve heart health across the northwest. She is married, has two grown up children, loves life in the countryside and rearing a few animals.  She’s interested in history and understanding where we have come from, balanced with a fascination of innovation and future possibilities. In addition to her medical passions she is very keen to help people make the most of their 3rd Act- life after careers.